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Archive for June 2012

The Reluctant Fans

Last Sunday, as the Italian national team was competing against England in the Euro 2012 quarter-finals, several customers ordered pizza to watch the match in official style–with team shirts, friends and family, and our Italian-inspired pizza.  But here at Bianco Rosso, we weren’t rooting for Italy.  As fans of the Premier League, we were secretly…

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It’s Official: We’re in Business

With the roll out of our business cards, we have become respectable members of the business community.  The front is typically sleek, tasteful, and bold, while the back features a generous, one-time offer. But how can you get one?  We’re doing visits to local businesses to introduce ourselves and distribute menus and cards.  If you…

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New Feature: Weekly Special

Each week, we will be promoting one of our pizzas by featuring it on our homepage and chalkboard, and selling it for a special price.  We may even put a special pizza not on our normal menu–one of our experimentals, so check back often. This week, as you may be able to make out in…

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Experimental Pasta 2

Another pasta dinner quickly made with whatever we had around.  Tomato sauce, sliced cherry tomatoes, garlic, and fresh oregano, with arugula and grated parm-reg tossed in.

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The Chalkboard of the Future

The chalkboard is undergoing a radical redesign.  There, you’ll find our regular specials, as well as ‘special specials’–one time or limited time offers, such as the Pizza of the Week. Come in, marvel at the board, and take advantage of the deals!  

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Experimental: Pasta?

When we eat after closing shop, we often cook up some pasta with our left-over pizza ingredients.  We love pasta–to the degree that we’ve lately been debating whether to add it to our menu. If we’re going to do it, we want pasta dishes which exhibit the same elegance of preparation and flavor as our…

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Experimental Pizza: Meatballs

We want amazing, unique pizzas on our menu.  Accomplishing this means a lot of behind-the-scenes experimentation.   We love meatballs but hate how, when you order a meatball pizza, most pizzerias serve up sliced slivers of something resembling dog food.  We want real balls on our pizza!  Pictured is our recent attempt at a real…

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