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The Reluctant Fans

Last Sunday, as the Italian national team was competing against England in the Euro 2012 quarter-finals, several customers ordered pizza to watch the match in official style–with team shirts, friends and family, and our Italian-inspired pizza.  But here at Bianco Rosso, we weren’t rooting for Italy.  As fans of the Premier League, we were secretly with England, and had to resist heaping abuse and ill wishes against our pro-Italy customers.  Just kidding about the last part.

Yesterday, Italy beat Germany, and now will face Spain in Sunday’s final.  Spain is a great team, but boring, overrated, predictable, and expected to win, so we are now aligning our hopes with our style of food and rooting for Italy.  We no longer feel treasonous.  Really, though, we just hope for a decent match in this generally-boring tournament.

Fun Fact: One of our paninis was named in honour of Italy’s striker (one of us follows Manchester City).

Image: They just heard the coach is ordering Bianco Rosso.  Credit: BBC Sport