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Archive for July 2012

Customer with Victoriana

A legend unveiled: the victoriana (applewood smoked bacon, crimini mushrooms, fior di latte, caramelized onions, and thyme). We forgot to get this customer’s name–if this is you, and you remember your name, let us know!  

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¿¡Mexican Pizza!?

A benefit of having a commercial kitchen is being able to make crazy food whenever we want, a perk we often avail ourselves of in our quest to bring the most exciting, unusual, and tastiest pizzeria foods to Ventura County.  After we heard of Mexican pizza—with its seemingly blasphemous mix of cultures—we knew we had…

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Nothing about pizza here–just a sunset photo from the back of the shop after a strangely overcast and muggy day. Our thriving arugula can be glimpsed along the bottom.  The building on the left is the post office, and on the right are stationed our hunky firemen. There are also some power lines.  Can you…

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Amazed Customers

Yet another group of Bianco Rosso customers shocked at the high quality of our food.  And that’s only a medium antipasto salad–imagine what would’ve happened if she’d gotten a large. Experience the amazement yourself.  Visit us now!      

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Allow me to introduce to you Richard, from Santa Monica.  He was in the area for a gathering and decided to bring it to life with some pizza, Bianco Rosso-stye. Next time you come, take a photo with us and get free cake.  Party on!  

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A Milestone

On Sunday, July 8, at 7:15pm, Bianco Rosso sold out of dough for the first time and had to turn away customers. Many famous pizzerias  in New York and San Francisco list their hours as something like “5pm until sold out of dough.”  Does this mean we’re as big and famous as them?  Hardly, but…

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Free Cake & Photo Ops

Why are these gentlemen smiling? Andrew (right) just became the first customer to get a free slice of chocolate cake for agreeing to take a picture with us.  Juancarlos (left), your loyal pizza-maker, knows his pizza is going to a good home. You can get get free cake as well; all you have to do…

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