Stone Oven Classic Artisan Pizzas with Homemade Ingredients.
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Behind the Scenes


We’ve always been about bold, fresh pizzas, salads, and sandwiches.  Now, it’s about to get bolder and fresher.  We’re renovating to add seating and a new look, so you can enjoy your favorite pizzas immediately from the oven, in-style. We will be closed for construction during the next few weeks.  For updates on our grand…

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NEW: Spinach Pizza

A new pizza is coming, featuring spinach, fennel sausage, fresh mozzarella, garlic, oregano, and olive oil.  It’s not on the menu yet, but it’s ready to be ordered

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A Milestone

On Sunday, July 8, at 7:15pm, Bianco Rosso sold out of dough for the first time and had to turn away customers. Many famous pizzerias  in New York and San Francisco list their hours as something like “5pm until sold out of dough.”  Does this mean we’re as big and famous as them?  Hardly, but…

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A New Planter

The time has come: a new planter has joined our kitchen.  Unlike Herb, this one is stationary, though it’s still very handsome, made of redwood, and durable.  It was donated by a family friend–thank you! Parsley, thyme, and oregano make their home there.  

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Our Mascot, Herb

A couple weeks ago, we planted basil, thyme, and oregano in our mobile, recycled-plastic planter to ensure that we have the freshest, most impossibly-local herbs for your pizzas.  Sounds impressive, right?  But, wait–there’s more: we just obtained two six-and-a-half foot long planters for EVEN MORE fresh herbs, to be grown on-site.  We are outrageous! You…

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We want all our pizzas to be memorable.  The Hadrian, while good, wasn’t great enough, so we began tests on it, tweaking it until it gave that full-mouthed taste sensation all great food has. We found that a light sprinkling of red pepper flakes sharpens the prosciutto and bridges the flavors of the meat with…

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A Note to Posterity

Bianco Rosso opened Sunday evening, April Fool’s Day, 2012.  At 5:33pm, our first customer walked in and ordered a selvaggio, never having seen the menu before.  There was a brief moment of unreality–a person actually ordered?–but then we settled into brisk efficiency.  He ate it single-handedly, and declared the crust excellent, the sauce fresh, and…

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A Quick Thanks

We haven’t even opened yet, and there’s already been so much interest in us–people calling and visiting, saying how they want a more authentic, fresher take on the usual pizzeria.  The jitters that come with any big transition have been partly assuaged by your enthusiasm, and has convinced us even further that Camarillo is ready…

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